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The Benefits of Water-Based Pallet Adhesive


If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you’ve probably read a few posts extolling the virtues of water-based inks. Products that are water-based are water-soluble—making them easier to clean up, and friendlier to the environment. But inks aren’t the only water-based printing product from which you can benefit. Did you know that Ryonet offers a water-based pallet adhesive, like Sgreen, in addition to the aerosol sprays, like our Mist Spray?

Water-based adhesives provide a better alternative to mist sprays, which have a wide spray radius, covering not only your platen, but also your skin, clothes, and everything in your workspace with chemicals.

Sgreen does the same job as an aerosol spray, but it’s much safer and greener. All you do is pour a little on your platen and spread it around with an ink card or rag. It’s long-lasting, heat-resistant, water-soluble, and eco-friendly characteristics will have you converted in no time!

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Check out this video, to hear Josh explain how to apply water-based pallet adhesives properly:

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