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Creating a Bigger Film Positive For A Larger Screen Print

bigger film positive

Your ambitions are big, and so are your screen print designs. But what happens when you want a full-size print and you only have access to a small output printer? Sometimes you just need a bigger film positive than your output printer can handle. Don’t worry; you can go as big as you want when you combine films!

It’s simple really. Here’s how to get a bigger film positive by combining films:

  • Decide on the size that you want for your final print.
  • Separate your design so that it prints out each section on a separate film sheet.
  • Cut off the excess film on the side that you are lining up with your second film.
  • Line up your designs so that they match up, overlapping 1/8th” to avoid spaces.
  • Tape your designs together, placing your tape on the back of the film to avoid residue.

Check out this video to see Ryan show you step-by-step how to combine films to make a larger film positive.

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