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Creating an Adobe Creative Cloud Color Library for Lava Inks

color library

When working with t-shirt artwork, whatever advantage you can get, you should take.  Every tip and trick you pick up can save you both time, money, and frustration.

Did you know that it’s pretty easy to create a color library of swatches based on your line of inks that you use?  Take for example, Wilflex Epic Lava plastisol inks.  By downloading a simple vector EPS file, you can upload it into Adobe and create what is known as an Adobe Creative Cloud Library.  This useful tool can be used in both Adobe Illustrator, as well as Adobe PhotoShop.  Having this at your disposal will allow you to quickly and accurately color your t-shirt art for customer design mock-ups when using Lava inks.  Be the printer who can show their customer almost exactly what their shirts will look like, before they’re ever printed.

Check out the video below, where Ryonet’s very own graphic designer, Ryan Cole, explains how to create your Adobe Creative Cloud Library for Lava inks, and also gives you a few tips and tricks that can make your design ventures that much quicker and easier!




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