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A Classic Blunder

meteor classic

Have you ever heard the story of “New Coke” and “Coca-Cola Classic?

Back on April 13th, 1985, Coca-Cola took a risk by deciding to change the formula of its legendary cola.  They did rigorous taste testing before settling on the new recipe, testing that showed the new formula was better.  This decision caused unprecedented consumer protest as customers called, wrote, and generally expressed their frustration with this decision.  They wanted the Coca-Cola they had grown up with, knew, and loved back.  It only took the company 79 days before they released the original formula again as Coca-Cola Classic.

Here at Ryonet, we fell into making the same ‘classic’ blunder with our Green Galaxy Meteor White.  When we switched from International Coatings to Wilflex as our ink manufacturer, we decided to try to make our ever popular Meteor White even better.  So, we took it to the labs, reformulated and tested, and came up with Wilflex Epic Lava Meteor White, a “better” version of Meteor White.

Right away, we were met with dismay and protest. Those who had purchased the new Meteor White hoping for more of the same called us back to ask what had happened to the Meteor they loved.  It’s the same with most customers that we heard from, so we went back to the drawing board. It took us more than 79 days, but here we are, at the same place that Coca-Cola found themselves…

Back by popular demand, we’re happy to (re)introduce you to Wilflex Epic Lava Meteor Classic, reformulated back to the Meteor White that so many loved and adored.  Meteor Classic is the perfect white for  printers who work with cotton garments.




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