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ROQ ECO’s Faster Index Speed

It’s easy to think that all automatic screen printing presses are made alike, but even within the ROQ family, there are machines that just stand out for one reason or another.  The ROQ Eco consistently exceeds expectations in printers’ shops.  We spoke with Jeremy Jones, who recently brought a ROQ Eco into his shop as his second automatic press.

Within the first day, Jeremy noticed that something felt different, and better, about the way his new ROQ was running.  In looking closer, he found that he was surpassing the 600 pieces an hour he had once achieved and had moved up to around 800 pieces per hour.  The ROQ Eco’s index speed is around 1200 rotations per hour, compared to the ROQ You’s 1000 an hour.  This extra speed on press gives your shop an extra boost of capability that allows you to effortlessly increase your production speeds, allowing you to get more shirts through the dryer.

Check out the video we made with Jeremy, where he talks more about the ROQ Eco’s faster indexing speeds.


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