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The Ryonet Band


This morning, as “The Ryonet Band” goes live, we wanted to share with you the motivation and driving force behind the changes to the Ryonet membership program.  

We all know the great bands that got their starts in a garage, but do you know who else got their start in a garage? If you guessed bad ass print shops, then you are right! Both born from humble beginnings, screen printers and bands have worked hand in hand from the beginning.  

The founding members of Ryonet started as a band in a garage, they screenprinted merch for their own gigs, and are ROQ’in now!  Music has always played an important role here at Ryonet, it’s in our DNA, and it’ll ROQ the block stoppin beats in the Ryonet Band.

Let’s walk through what Ryonet Band Members can expect:

 -The #1 Ryonet Band Member perk is the Free Shipping on all Plus Product and supply orders!  No more stipulations on how much you have to purchase before you receive this perk.  But wait, there is more…    

– A great new pricing option of Monthly billing for $24.96 or a yearly fee of $199.  Quick math and you’ll find that the annual membership is a 30% savings.  Boom!

– Reward Points back on all Plus products, which can then be used or saved to purchase all kinds of items, including equipment. These Plus Products are the essential items for all screen-printers, such as Inks, Emulsion, Screens, Chemistry, etc. and are marked by a Plus Product logo in the top right corner on the website.  Points are starting to stack up!

– Access to Ryonet education at a 50% discount on retail for all classes.  This includes the in-person Screen Print Experience at Ryonet partner locations across the country, and the discount includes online classes.  The classes are a great way to sharpen your mental and physical tools!

– Members get their business listed on the Screen Printing Directory, which gets their shop in front of customers.  We recommend that you work with your tax advisor because the membership fee could be a write-off, this is definitely worth looking into.    

– When you join The Band, you are eligible for the Ryonet Rental Program for Automated Equipment.  This is huge, the Ryonet Rental Program is a fantastic option for many printers to bring on larger automated equipment.  Any Band Member wanting to grow from manual to auto should be looking into rental as an option for financing.      

– A lifetime Warranty on Riley Hopkins manual screen printing presses.  If a Ryonet Band Member purchases a Riley Hopkins press, the press has a lifetime warranty.

– Additional sales on Plus Products.  All Band members get additional discounts during seasonal promotions. Keep an eye out this Black Friday & Cyber Monday, hint, hint.

– Business Consulting. This is a crazy good opportunity for a Ryonet Band Member to get one-on-one consulting with some of the industry’s best minds.  Band Members can schedule time with experts in the screen printing industry on the topics of their choosing to help boost the operation and growth of their shop.

– A FaceBook forum for Band Members to connect with one another, and get the first peek at new promos, products, and events.  This forum will be the Ryonet Members meeting place to share and collaborate with peers.

– Exclusive invites to special events at key tradeshows and industry events.  ISS Long Beach and SGIA are the two biggest industry events, Ryonet Band Members will get first dibs on tickets to the exclusive parties.

– And last but not least,  Allmade Apparel will be offered at discounted prices to Band members when available.

Thanks for checking out the changes and the benefits of this new and improved program.  If you dig it and are picking up the good vibes we are laying down, please consider joining the Band, we need you on drums!




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