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Tote Bags Are Totes In

tote bags

Being able to offer more than just shirts to your customers can help set you apart from other printers in your area.  Keeping an eye on current trends is a great way to find something you can produce easily, and that people will love.  Take tote bags for example!

Just walking down the street, you’ve probably seen a lot of tote bags.  As the public continues to move away from plastic usage, they are starting to take up the tote bag as a grocery carrying alternative.  Others are simply using a tote bag for their every day carrying needs.  For a screen printer, blank tote bags are a big, glowing beacon of opportunity.  If someone is going to walk around with and use a tote bag, why shouldn’t it have your branding and design on it?

Check out this video with Cristen of Ryonet as she talks a little more about tote bag printing!


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